Celebrate Good Times


So yes, I typically do posts in the middle of the night. I always have and always will. That’s just the way it is. I figure if I’m up anyway, better to use my computer for online writing rather than shopping…it’s just safer this way.

Today was all about a play with the fam. We saw “Catch Me If You Can” at Diamond Head Theatre. I’m a pretty tough critic and while I’ve enjoyed most of the shows to which I’ve had the pleasure of viewing there, I’m not always entirely enamoured after each of their productions. That being said, this musical was extraordinary! I had a smile on my face from start to finish. Having been in the arts my whole life, supporting community theatre is just something we do as a family. We have season tickets so we see them all–even the ones of which I’m skeptical. Good reviews or bad. “Tradition! Tradition!” See, I’m already quoting and singing (thankfully you all can’t hear) Fiddler on the Roof. Anyway, the production that I saw today was in my humble opinion, the best of Diamond Head Theatre in recent years. The lead was a bona fide star! Rarely am I mesmerized, but smitten I was. He was fantastic…having starred on Broadway and all, I’m certainly not surprised.

On to the outfit! Getting ready was effortless. I am a fan of jumpsuits. Okay, I’m not a fan, I’m wildly obsessed. Rompers are no exception. I will turn anything into a jumpsuit or romper should the opportunity arise, hence this Lilly Pulitzer get up. This was an ensemble I purchased a couple of months ago at http://www.lillypulitzer.com. The print absolutely called my name–blues and greens that appear to be watercolor painted, sign me up! And the best part…a top and pair of breezy palazzo pants of the same print! A glorious jumpsuit in the making is worthy of my obvious excitement and never to be passed upon.This pair was an easy choice for a warm day in which I would also be in an out of an air-conditioned theatre.

Just add accessories…

Slane Jewelry has always been amongst my most favorite designer pieces. Animals totems get me every time and previous living in North Carolina, where the designers hail from, I was exposed to the line fairly early on. The pieces I am wearing in this post could quite possibly be considered vintage now, although like pieces are available.

My Kate Spade Saturday A-Satchel is an amazing bag! It looks tiny, but it is mighty! Believe me, as I have A LOT to carry. I am amazed at the room in what seems to be such a tiny bag. I completed my look with kate spade accessories in the way of mint green chandelier earrings and nude wedges.

I had a nice glass of sparkling wine at intermission and it was a day to be cherished…cheers!





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