Tie Dye all the Way

Tiare Hawaii Shirt, BCBG skirt, Tory burch Shoes, Debra Mack Pyrite Necklace, Sunrise Shell and Tahitian Pearl Earrings, Gucci Horsebit Bracelet and Ring, Lipstick Revlon orange Flip

Tiare Hawaii Shirt, BCBG skirt, Tory Burch Shoes, Debra Mack Pyrite Necklace, Sunrise Shell and Tahitian Pearl Earrings, Gucci Horsebit Bracelet and Ring, Revlon Orange Flip Lipstick

I am a sucker for tie dye. So much so that I am thinking of signing up for some classes specializing in the art form. Tie dyed garments are so special as each is different and has its own personality. The colors blend seamlessly reminding me of fine watercolor paintings. Speaking of, I’d also like to take a watercolor class but there are only so many hours in the day so we’ll see about that 😉 My mother is an artist and most certainly that is where my appreciation for design emanates. While I am nowhere near as talented as she is, it’s important to me that I learn as much as possible if only for a sense of personal satisfaction and accomplishment. Not to mention that I thoroughly enjoy meeting people who share a common interest. Few things are more fun than being in a room full of talented and interesting people from many different backgrounds, even if it is only for a few hours once or twice a week.

The unique design of this Tiare Hawaii blouse caught my attention immediately. The cut out arms and drawstring waist make this piece a number one stunner for the season. Full disclosure–this is actually my second blouse in this design. I initially bought a pale turquoise and peach combo but after a bit of deliberation had to pick up this neutral as well. The versatility is certainly more than meets the eye. I have worn both casually and dressed up…one day with cutoff shorts, the next with a slim bodycon pencil skirt. Today I thought I would try pairing it with leather. This top makes the mark for both the beach and a nice dinner. Next, I will be sporting it over a tank dress. See why I had to buy two?!

I paired with some tribal Tory Burch stilettos, gold jewelry, and a wash of orange on the lips.





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