Easy Breezy

Tiare Hawaii Dress, Hermes Rouge Casaque GHW CDC, Geode Earrings Doolittle Jewelry

Tiare Hawaii Dress, Hermes Rouge Casaque GHW CDC, Geode Earrings Doolittle Jewelry

As the weather has been warming up, I’ve found myself leaning toward light and airy pieces. While structured outfits will always have their place, it’s nice for clothing choices to be effortless and carefree for a change. At the same time, I love an item that I can just throw on while still appearing put together. Dresses seem to always do the trick for me as there isn’t much thought there. The dress is the outfit. Add accessories and go.

I’ve been shopping boutiques lately for the particular garments that I am referring to. When I saw this dress by Tiare Hawaii,  not only was I struck by it’s beauty and uniqueness, but also with the attention to detail put forth. The lace trim gives an added elegance making this a dress I would use for numerous occasions from day time errands to casual dinners, with flats or heels.

I included the word “Gem” when naming my blog in reference to my love and study of jewelry and gemstones. Interesting stone and rock specimens absolutely thrill me.  Right now geodes and agates reign at the top of the list as they are on-trend and gorgeous. I added a pair of white and clear crystal geode earrings to give the look a bit of sparkle.

I swiped on MAC’s Morange Lipstick for an intensely bright orange lip while keeping the eyes neutral.





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