Tiare Hawaii Maxi Dress, Sunrise Shell and Mother of Pearl Earrings, Hermes Rose Gold Kelly Dog Ring, J.Crew Sandals, MAC Gesso Eyeshadow, MAC Saddle Eyeshadow, MAC More to Love Lip Pencil, MAC Cultured Lipglass, Stila Periwinkle Eyeliner, Essie Mint Cany Apple Nailpolish

Tiare Hawaii Maxi Dress, Sunrise Shell and Mother of Pearl Earrings, Hermes Rose Gold Kelly Dog Ring, J.Crew Sandals, MAC Gesso Eyeshadow, MAC Saddle Eyeshadow, MAC More to Love Lip Pencil, MAC Cultured Lipglass, Stila Periwinkle Eyeliner, Essie Mint Candy Apple Nailpolish

This shoot was a premonition of sorts.

You see, dear husband and I decided to head to an outer island for a weekend getaway. He is an avid golfer and a very good one I might add. He is also a wannabe race car driver and not so good. Terrible, in fact.

We (he) happily set out for an afternoon of golf.  Given the fact that I appreciate stunning scenery and also that I had nothing else to do in our semi-remote location, I rode along. Typically I make pretty good decisions but this was not one of them. Given his history behind the wheel, it was plain old dumb on my part and I should have known better. To say that I could ride a skittish horse bare back and have fared much better than I did on this afternoon really isn’t an over statement. I would at least have forgiveness in my heart for the horse. Harsh, absolutely, but I haven’t finished the rest of the story… I’ll get back to that in a minute…

There is nothing that I love more than a breezy maxi dress. Tiare Hawaii has become a mere addiction. The pieces are incredible as they are über comfortable yet gorgeously effortless at the same time. I was in island mode and put on my sunrise shell and mother of pearl earrings. I married my two favorite colors pink and blue when I decided on the pink J.Crew flip-flops or “slippers” as we here in Hawaii call them.

Instead of focusing on the beauty of the trees and the ocean, I thought this tunnel was pretty cool and I wanted to take a few photographs in it. I figured it to be a bit creepy so I was looking over my shoulder left and right (in mockery) while my husband was taking pictures. Little did I know that shortly, I would actually be scared.

I’m going to make what could be a very long story short. About 15 minutes after these photos were taken, we were making a turn on the golf course at what I assume to be about 20 mph as that is approximately the top speed of golf carts, when we hit a bump. I went to brace myself but couldn’t do it fast enough. My husband tried to grab me but was unsuccessful and I flew out of the cart headfirst. From what I understand, I apparently looked like superman. All I know is that I hit HARD. I landed on my nose and forehead, my knees are bruised and skinned, and my hand was run over. The beauty in all of this is that I wasn’t totally run over and shockingly nothing is broken…or worse.

Let’s not even talk about the dress.

So here I am, no longer on my supposedly relaxing semi-vacation. Instead I’m back at home writing this post.  I, of course forgive him. He feels beyond terrible (this is the first time in seven years that I’ve seen him speechless) and I think my constantly saying “be careful and slow down!!!” has finally sunk in. There won’t be any more golf outings for me as one, I don’t play and two, I wouldn’t step foot on another golf course with him if my life depended on it. Evidently, it does.

I figured that I would add a couple of pics of the enjoyable time we were having on the green before the “incident” just to be kind.

Did I throw him under the bus with this post, yep, but he (obviously not on purpose) launched me out of a golf cart.  Payback is a you know what.








3 thoughts on “Superwoman

  1. I don’t want to laugh but it is creeping up. Oh! I’m so sorry for your short distant flight. The tunnel is very cool as well as your dress matching the sky. Peace, Love & Happiness

  2. That color is so pretty and fresh. The tunnel shots are so cool. I can’t believe the story that goes along with this post. Hope you are ok! Loving the maxi dresses for spring!

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