Childhood Memories

Express Lace Shorts, Express Denim Shirt, J.Crew Wedges, Hermes Sterling Silver CDC Bracelet, Slane & Slane, Blue Topaz Fenestra Earrings, Banana Republic Hat, Essie Nailpolish is Liliacism, Revlon Neon Nail Polish Atomic Pink, Hermes Evelyne Bag

I love parks and I especially love this one as it reminds me of childhood school field trips. It’s funny, one can travel the world and experience things that cannot be taught in a classroom, yet when it comes to finding that long-familiar sense of comfort, many of us return to our roots.

I haven’t set foot in this park in at least 25 years and yet breezing by it is a part of my daily commute. I moved back to Honolulu about nine years ago and jumped immediately into the swing of things both scholastically as well as professionally. Work weekends I did, so there was never much time for reveling in all of Hawaii’s beauty. Of course I went to the beach and enjoyed various other outdoor activities but it is these gems of my childhood that I have since neglected. Why? Highschool was a blur–way too many activities. So here I have come full circle and this beautiful park stands just as I remember it. Have there been improvements made over the years, I don’t know. I’m sure there have been as we all improve and grow in one way or another… I can’t imagine that this tiny oasis is any different. While I can’t physically see the changes, they’re there I’m certain.

Some days, like today, my look is more casual with a laid-back vibe. Express was having a major sale–the whole store was 40% off. I tried to buy online but many things that I wanted were sold out so I maneuvered my way to the mall, after having called and practically begging the sales associate to hold my items as with the sale, things were going out the door fast! While this outfit is neutral, I bought a few neon pieces. I haven’t seen tasteful fluorescent colors featured in years, but I got what I was looking for–a few brights to add to my Summer wardrobe.

My hat of this style is the only that I own but certainly won’t be the last. Great for bad hair days and also adds an element of cute.

I kept my jewelry and make-up simple. The Slane & Slane earrings are from their Fenestra Collection–which is meant to look like the stained glass windows of Cathedrals (also reminiscent of my childhood.) The meaning alone is what makes me crazy about them. Ahhhhhh nostalgia. They were actually a gift and I cherish them and their beauty. Being the blue fan that I am, the blue topaz stones are a stunning addition to the sterling silver and they sparkle in the sunlight.

Make-up was simple again. M.A.C.’s Vanilla on the eyelids, with Soft Matte Brown in the crease. Melba blush (love this one) a nice peachy orange on the cheeks rounded out with M.A.C Pink Nouveau on the lips.

I’m not sure that I have to mention this but I love nail polish. I buy a new one almost every time I go to a drugstore. I wanted to try the Revlon Neons. The packaging is cool because it’s doubled-sided. First coat white, next coat color. The white makes a difference and definitely pops the shade. I would purchase in another color but my words of advice are to use two thin coats of the white base judiciously as too thick of a layer will make the actual color streaky and uneven.






7 thoughts on “Childhood Memories

  1. Nice shoot in a beautiful park. Clean and refreshing. Happy. Must be summer in the air, strappy blued wedgies are extremely cool and you sporty little hat is fabuuuuuuuu.

  2. This park looks familiar! Super cute photos of you. Love the stories you write along with you’re always great fashion. I really like the way you describe how and why you choose pieces of clothes and accessories. Thanks!

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