Mink Pink Tribal Dress, Kate Spade Finestone Sandals, Hermes White and gold CDC, Tory Burch Earrings, Bvlgari Pyramid Ring, Revlon Neon Nairl Art Nail polish, Essie Lilacism, Too Faced Natural Eyeshadow Palette, MAC Melba Blush, MAC Up the Amp Lipstick, Mac Pink Pidegeon Lipstick

Mink Pink Tribal Dress, Kate Spade Pinapple Rinestone Sandals, Hermes White and Gold CDC, Tory Burch Earrings, Bvlgari Pyramid Ring, Revlon Neon Nairl Art Nail polish, Essie Lilacism, Too Faced Natural Eyeshadow Palette, MAC Melba Blush, MAC Up the Amp Lipstick, MAC Pink Pidegeon Lipstick

I love days when I have nothing on my schedule–who doesn’t right? This frame of mind isn’t really my true personality as having things to do, places to go, and people to meet has aways been what I thrive on. While I do crave stimulation and structure, on the other side of the coin, just relaxing is pretty nice also I must admit! Give me too much time and that’s when I get restless. I am a thinker and a doer. I want my plate full 24/7. Crazy as this sounds, with the right opportunities, I am a total workaholic and it’s safe to say that I absolutely live to work, not the other way around. Bizarre, I know. When my husband and I first met, he was like “whoa, slow down,”–my schedule was just too much for him. He didn’t believe it was actually humanly possible to cram so many things into one day. Possible it was, and slow down, I did. Now, I am at the point where I find myself wanting more. More work, more activities, more volunteering, just more. This has been my challenge since moving home. It seems that I haven’t found my niche just yet.

Honolulu is beautiful and is the place I presently and will always call home. I am fifth generation in the islands and my family tree is vast, but sometimes I am bored. When I was a flight attendant (seems like eons ago), this was not a problem as I literally had the world at my fingertips. Fast forward a few years and things have changed, as they typically do. I appreciate the beauty and people of the islands and while there is only one glorious Hawaii, my need to explore is and always will be present.

I am constantly searching for a challenge, a new opportunity that I can integrate into my life. That’s just me. As I have matured, I have come to revel in quiet nights at home curled up on the couch with my dogs and some t.v. Right now I am watching the original series of Dallas–I am on season 4 and darn that J.R. is a character and a half. The plot thickens and I am officially obsessed. The beauty in all of this, is that I am now spending my time catching up on things that I once didn’t have the luxury of doing. I must admit, it’s really nice to immerse yourself in someone else’s life (albeit a very scandalous life) if only for an hour before drifting off to la-la land. These little luxuries are what I missed when I was putting in 18 hours a day. Now that I am able to take time for myself, I am enjoying it.

Exploring Hawaii is also fun–this blog has allowed me to really appreciate where I live. Oddly enough, having been born and raised here, I never did–I was always too busy. I never had the time to give the ocean and the palm trees more than just a passing glance. SAD, I know.  I’m making up for lost time and it’s nice to slow down and smell the roses–in my case plumerias, but you know what I mean….

On to my backdrop–I have always loved canoes and their history in relation to the islands. I’m not a history teacher so I won’t attempt to give a lesson, but historically canoes were pivotal in the growth and existence to essentially all of Polynesia. I have both friends and relatives who are “paddlers” as we here in the islands fondly refer to them. It’s a sport that takes great strength, tenacity, and teamwork–all qualities that are very important to me. One of the bays in which the canoes call their home is just minutes from my house, but it wasn’t until today that I decided to investigate. I actually wanted to jump in and grab a paddle, but also didn’t want to get arrested, so I refrained.

This tribal Mink Pink dress is close to wetsuit material, just not as thick. I don’t own anything like it and thought it was a pretty cool piece. A bit short, but with flats mixed with a relaxed Saturday afternoon, it’s me. Make-up is the Natural palette by Two Faced cosmetics. I’ve mentioned their palettes before as they’re fun and easy. The make-up practically applies itself with the instruction cards included. Nine shadows=umpteen looks. Even for a make-up artist such as myself, I like the ease. I swiped on two shades of M.A.C. lipstick as their colors are nothing short of glorious. My hair, I didn’t even bother brushing. It’s Saturday, after all.

I may sometimes complain that there is not enough hustle and bustle in Hawaii. But I ask myself is that what I really want in the longterm or just in the moment? While we never truly know where life will take us, the canoes, ocean, and the palm trees at sunset are it for me…for now. Lucky I live Hawaii.











5 thoughts on “Canoe

  1. Great post, love the dress and it looks great with that background! I counted 8 smiles! Terrific – you make it look fun and happy!

  2. I think this is my favorite shoot, yet. The dress. The wind. The sunset. Ahhhh…..Hawaii state of mind. You look aahhhhmazing.

    • Thank you so much!!!! I really had a great time with this shoot. It was freezing, (for Hawaii)– the temp dropped at sunset, so yes the wind was there in force 😉 Mink Pink is one of my new favorite labels–very fun pieces! Thank you for your comments and following–it’s very much appreciated!

  3. Just fabulous! What a lovely sky behind you in that awesome dress. I love the pattern and neutral colors. Looks like a fun night!

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