Desert brush

J.Crew Perfect Shirt Animal print, Victoria's secret Pants, Gucci Clutch, J.Crew Belt, Tory Butcrh Punps, Hermes Mais gator CDC, Gucci 18k Horsebit Bracelet, Slane & Slane Epona Ring, Agate Slice Earrings Dootlittle Jewelry M.A.C. Party Parrot Lipstick and Eyeshadow Duo in Reel Sexy

J.Crew Perfect Shirt Animal print, Victoria’s secret Pants, Gucci Clutch, J.Crew Belt, Tory Butcrh Punps, Hermes Mais gator CDC, Gucci 18k Horsebit Bracelet, Slane & Slane Epona Ring, Agate Slice Earrings Dootlittle Jewelry
M.A.C. Party Parrot Lipstick and Eyeshadow Duo in Reel Sexy

I’m not really sure what my obsession with the desert is. I am a true city girl at heart but it is imperative that I escape every now and again to a desolate place for a bit of R&R. In Hawaii, especially on the island of Oahu, city quickly turns into country and I am able get my relaxation fix pretty expeditiously. Although I prefer my trips to be lengthy–at least a weekend long, if only a few hours can be spared, I’ll take them. That being said, I am always ready to get back into the swing of things. Does my mind ever really vacate—never.

I have such a wide spectrum of things that I enjoy doing, it can make for a bit of confusion. It is sometimes a bit difficult for those in my life to keep up with my varying interests from horses to gemstones to writing to shopping, no one really knows what I am doing. There is no exception with fashion as for me, each day is a new day and in turn a new look. I’m not married to anything in the way of style. If it works for me, it works.

Throughout the posts in my blog, I have gone on and on and on about how much I love color, but I have to say that a neutral palette is just as thrilling to me. Again, it depends on the day and my mood. I love a neutral outfit with added pops of color to brighten things up a bit. Brown, beige, and white are among my absolute  favorite colors, which brings me to this particular outfit.

I consider Leopard print a neutral. In tones such as these, in my book it is. Again, being the J.Crew fan that I am, their blouses can’t be beat. And for the price–Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner! Yep, I said that. I am as quirky as I am serious…all of my friends will attest.

So here I am once again in the middle of nowhere–downtown Honolulu is 30 minutes away and my residence less than five, so I will hardly call it the middle of nowhere, but a girl can dream….It is though nearly the top of the world in my neck of the woods, as while yes there are higher mountains, I literally live on the edge of a cliff with the mountains above and ocean below, so stating that this is the edge of the world, for all intents and purposes in one small region, it is. And it is WINDY! While I favor an effortless windblown look, I wasn’t quite pulling it off so I haphazardly threw my hair up.

With this blouse, I thought off-white pants would be best. I just picked up this mustard-colored J.Crew belt and with the matching shoes being in the same warm-toned color family, I was pleased with the outcome. I will admit this outfit was created as I was absolutely dying to wear my agate slice earrings from Doolittle Jewelry.  I am SO in love with them, so I grabbed the first neutral that I found in my closet and ran with it. I added my Hermes Mais Gator CDC which happens to be my absolute favorite one!! I collect these and while all beautiful, nothing strikes my fancy quite like Mais. I created a stack with my Gucci 18k Horse bit bracelet and Slane & Slane Epona Ring. A Gucci Suede Horse Clutch topped it off.

While my clothing was neutral, lipstick had to be bold. I tend to look a bit washed out in neutral lips so I went with M.A.C.’s Party Parrot lipstick and Eye shadow Duo in Reel Sexy. Having worked for M.A.C. for over four years, I am in love with the products. The price point can’t be beat. Believe me, when it comes to cosmetics I do not discriminate–I should take a picture of my bathroom but I wouldn’t dare. I’ll just say that I once spent four hours in Sephora. I think that is enough divulging for one day.










4 thoughts on “Desert brush

  1. Fantastic post! The best yet! Love love the outfit and all of the photos are excellent! Great detail shots – kudos to the photographer! Poses are great. Love the details of the jewelry. All of your readers love to see details! Written post is terrific. You are really getting in the swing of this…………………..can’t wait to see more posts. Great job!

  2. I have had an animal print fetish since I could pick up copies of Vogue. It is a staple in any wardrobe. Your outfit is amazing! I’m so loving your blog. It keeps me inspired through all my chaos.

    • I am so happy to hear that! I have installed the subscribe “Follow” button which can be seen at the bottom of each post. Working on a daily inspiration for you 🙂 Thank you for all of your support and kind words!

  3. Simply spectacular. You make leopard look so easy to pair! I always over think those prints. I love the belt and shoes too. The way the light shines trough those earrings is so cool. I like all the descriptions you write about the locations and activities! Keep it coming.

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