Blue and Gold

Victoria's Secret Sweater Dress, Gucci 18k Horsebit necklace, Roberto Coin 18k Cheval Necklace, Gucci pumps, Tory Burch Chain Belt, Blue Topaz Earrings

Victoria’s Secret Sweater Dress, Gucci 18k Horsebit necklace, Roberto Coin 18k Cheval Necklace, Gucci pumps, Tory Burch Chain Belt, Blue Topaz Earrings

It has been far too long since I’ve done a post. I love to write so my little blog is my creative outlet. When life gets in the way and I am unable to do what I most enjoy, it makes for a very unhappy Nicole ūüė¶¬†That being said, I have some fun outfits coming up, so please check back daily.

It has been windy, very windy¬†but¬†that’s Winter in Hawaii for you. I’m making good use of my sweaters and loving every minute¬†of it but¬†I must say, I am¬†SO looking forward to Spring Fashions. Nothing makes me happier than pastel colors. We are already starting to see some great pieces in stores so I am definitely keeping my eyes peeled for¬†Spring/Summer 2013 trends. It’s safe to say¬†that we are a¬†weeks¬†(I’m being optimistic here) but more¬†realistically months away from truly experiencing¬†spring in all of its glory. I haven’t traveled to the¬†U.S. mainland this¬†winter but I know the weather has been pretty brutal. So brutal, that¬†we received a rude awakening when attempting to book a Florida trip utilizing¬†our hotel points. Seems the entire Eastern seaboard has the same idea as our hotels of choice were all but completely sold out. We’ll see what happens in the next few days regarding March travel…

This sweater dress¬†is yet another¬†Victoria’s Secret¬†piece I picked up. I keep mentioning¬†ordering clothing (dresses)¬†from the VS¬†website¬†as of late. I have found the pieces to be quite nice and I get a perfect fit nearly every time I order. We’re not talking expensive clothes here¬†but the pieces do seem to attract attention as I¬†receive compliments.

By now, it’s no secret¬†that I am all about spending on accessories and not¬†as¬†much on¬†clothing. I love designers and¬†do¬†purchase pieces¬†but I will¬†always wait for a¬†item of clothing to go on sale if it¬†is ticketed with a hefty price tag. I am a clothing stalker ( I¬†refer to it as doing surveillance)¬†and once I see my target¬†item drop in price, I pounce like an African¬†jungle cat.¬†Shopping with Victoria’s Secret has¬†not only been¬†convenient¬†but also easy on the wallet. Don’t fret, designer clothing pieces to come.

I love Blue because it can be paired with both gold and silver. I went with gold as I felt like layering a few gold chains. My tory Burch logo belt added a bit of oomph to the outfit and one can really never go wrong with black pumps. Yes, black and blue do go together but make sure there is a contrast.

My earrings are Blue Topaz from Sharrona’s on Etsy. I loved the name “Cloud Nine” and when they arrived in the mail, they were more stunning then the photos–I was truly on cloud nine with these very gemmy clear blue stones that glow–love them!







3 thoughts on “Blue and Gold

  1. Oh my stars! Your hair is so long! Love the navy blue. Please bring back the chain belt. I think it was the greatest accessory every created.

  2. Stunning ! The dress is very elongating. I like the carefree hair in the wind. Thanks for the good tips of combining the colors. Great look!

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