Tin Woman

J Brand jeans, Enzo Angiolini grey suede pumps, J.Crew Crewcuts Sweater, Hermes Dterling Silver Arcane Cuff bracelet, Pink agate earrings, Dior Glasses

J Brand jeans, Enzo Angiolini grey suede pumps, J.Crew Crewcuts Sweater, Hermes Sterling Silver Arcane Cuff bracelet, Pink agate earrings, Dior Glasses

“If I only had a Heart…” said the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. He and the song came to mind not when I bought these jeans, but when I looked into the mirror after putting them on. With the glasses, I also felt like some character from a science fiction film–C-3PO done in silver, I don’t know…. but when it comes to fashion, I’m all about taking risks. This includes shopping in the children’s department of some stores, which brings me to my sweater.

It’s Crewcuts by J.Crew. I was in the store shopping for a gift for one of my best girlfriend’s little boy, when I saw a hot pink sweater out of the corner of my eye. I am certainly a sucker for pink. From a distance it looked large enough, so I put the baby shopping on hold for a minute and ran across the department to try the sweater on. It fit and I had to have it. SO SOFT. I didn’t stop there; I grabbed the green one next to it. I would’ve bought the whole darn rainbow, but the other colors were only available in toddler sizes. Back to the baby shopping–mission accomplished on two accounts as I happily left the store with a bag full of children’s clothing…for myself and a one-year-old.

Pink, grey, and silver are a beautiful combination so I wore my enzo stilettos and silver Tory Burch belt. I kept accessories very simple with only my Hermes sterling silver Arcane Cuff. I thought adding anything else would be overdone, even for me.

By the way, I do have a heart–a pretty big one at that. The odd part about this whole Wizard of Oz theme is that I just remembered that I bought red ruby slippers (translation: red glitter pumps) about a month ago. For whatever reason I have no idea, but at the time they seemed to be a good idea. I definitely had a plan for them–a certain outfit…if only I could remember…

Maybe I just need to re-watch the movie for a deeper meaning. Something is telling me there is a yellow brick road that I am being urged to follow.







3 thoughts on “Tin Woman

  1. These shots of you are so fun and I can see your personality shining through! Hilarious to be shopping in the kids department, what a good eye you have to spot something even in the not so obvious place. Gives new meaning to ‘keep your eyes wide open’. I love the pants, they look great with that pink cable sweater and fabulous pumps. I got inspired by your use of color and wore a bright fushia top with marching lips and nails. It was fun! Thanks for your great looks and advise on adventurous and risky fashion. Always push that envelope.

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