Here a Twilly, There a Twilly…

Hermes Sequences Twilly, Ralph Lauren Pink Oxford Shirt, Hermes Tosca Garden Party All Leather Tote, Kunzite earrings Sharrona on Etsy

Hermes Sequences Twilly, Ralph Lauren Pink Oxford Shirt, Hermes Tosca Garden Party All Leather Tote, Tiffany & co. Elsa Peretti Diamond by the Yard Platinum and Diamond Solitaire Necklace, Kunzite earrings Sharrona on Etsy

I think it’s pretty safe to say that I am a Hermes fan to the nth degree. I have truly always loved designer items but I had never stepped foot into a Hermes store until about a year ago. I had heard of the brand and seen their items on others but had not personally experienced well, the H experience. It stands to reason that I would be a fan of the design house being an equestrian and all, but for whatever reason it just took me awhile to make my way through the doors–I would say pearly gates but that may or may not be an overstatement…I guess it depends on who you ask.

I had taken such a long break from riding that once I found the time, I finally decided to rejoin the sport. This was partially at my husband’s urging. I think he was sick of seeing horse motif art around our home and all of the horse themed jewelry I collect, that he actually wanted to see a real horse! Ask and you shall receive my darling, although I think he got a bit more than he bargained for…

One day while at the mall, we walked into Hermes and I was blown away. Here a horse, there a horse, EVERYWHERE a horse!–and yeah, I was hooked. The store goes far beyond just equestrian designs, take the famous Birkin and Kelly bags, but I was in it for the horses. I still am, which brings me to this post.

One of the most affordable and highly coveted items at Hermes are their gorgeous twillys (little silk ties/scarves) that can be used as headbands as I am wearing, wrapped around bag handles (also tied around my bag in photo), as bracelets, etc. I have mentioned twillys in former posts but I just can’t get enough of these gorgeous works of art so I had to share.

In true Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl) fashion, I wear headbands….but only if they’re Hermes 😉





2 thoughts on “Here a Twilly, There a Twilly…

  1. I have never stepped foot in an Hermes store either but love the style and the effortless way you put it all together. The twiily is so versatile! I love how you wrapped the handbad straps. Awesome boots! What brand are they?

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