Black and Blue


BCBG Romper, Tory Burch pumps, Hermes Finish Tote, Tassel Earrings Doolittle Jewelry, Hermes Sterling Silver Kelly Dog Bracelet, Hermes Blue Electric CDC, Chanel Smokey Eyes Eyeshadow Quad, M.A.C. Fuchsia Lip Pencil and Pervette Lipstick

This summer was the first time that I purchased a romper. I’ve really never been much of a shorts wearing gal. I love dresses, jumpsuits–anything one-piece as these garments are easy to throw on, all you have to think about are accessories, and voila you have yourself an outfit. It stands to reason that given the fact that rompers are cousins to the jumpsuit that I would eventually try one on. I did and I liked it enough to add a few to my wardrobe. If the right one is found, they are incredibly comfortable and make shorts a bit less daunting.

I had a full day of errands and decided to jazz up said romper. My marigold colored shoes gave just the right amount of contrast. The earrings, while one would think are super dressy can absolutely be dressed down which I think is a major plus. Tassel earrings are very popular right now and the myth is one can only wear them with evening attire. Not so. When buying a piece of jewelry it’s important to consider versatility. In the world we live in jeans can be dressed up and accessories dressed down. So rock those Tassels and Chandeliers Ladies!

To keep from looking overdone, I added a printed canvas tote and wore my hair in a ponytail. I added chunky stacking braclets for a bit of an edge. Make-up is smoky eyes and soft lips. DSCN1654




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