Through the Rain

bar III legs crossed

Bar III Dress Macys, Doolittle Jewelry Moonstone Chandelier Earrings, J.Crew Blue Suede Wedges, Bath and Body Works Pink Poodle Mirror Bag Charm, Hermes Garden Party Handbag color Tosca, Hermes H bracelet, essie nail polish butler please, Entire Make-up Collection M.A.C. Glamour Daze

Last night it was raining. Not our typical scattered showers but a pretty significant downpour–thunder and lightning included. I know this because I was up watching ER until the wee morning hours. Season One is on sale at Target and what better place to start but at the very beginning. I’ve seen the show from pilot to finale but I guess I’m a sucker for a man in a lab coat…I always have had a thing for Noah Wyle–my husband is laughing as I write this.

It was still a bit gloomy when I stared getting ready this morning so I figured that it would be a little cooler than normal. I got dressed in a grey maxi sweater dress hoping to take advantage of the first days of a “Hawaii Fall.” Okay, there really is no traditional Fall here in the islands–the leaves don’t turn colors, there are no pumpkin patches or hay rides (sniff sniff), warm apple cider isn’t a commonly enjoyed treat, and we certainly don’t have to don layer upon layer of clothing to keep warm, yet I still do at the first sign of a cold front moving in. Any excuse to wear fall fashions, and who’s jumpin’ on it??????–THIS GIRL!  Living on the mainland for nearly 10 years, each time the leaves turned I was able to experience the season in all of its glory.  Not to say that living in paradise isn’t a blessing, but I do miss the change of seasons.

By the time I finished getting ready, (from start to finish MAYBE an hour had passed and that’s being generous) I emerged from my bedroom to bright sunlight without a grey cloud in the sky. White fluffy ones, yes. I looked down at my outfit and realized that there was no sweater dress in my immediate future, let alone a wool maxi one. I decided well, if it looks like Summer and acts like Summer, it may still be Summer (not technically) but here for at least the next few weeks until the weather cools off anyway. Somewhat reluctantly, I went back and changed into a BAR III dress that I just got on sale at Macy’s, grabbed my pink bag (equip with the pink poodle mirror that my best friend Tracie sent to “make my day”–thanks Trace!) and added my blue suede J.Crew wedges. I can’t forget about the stunning earrings made by Doolitte Jewelry. ( My entire make-up look is M.A.C.’s new Glamour Daze collection which just launched in stores. I will do a full post on the collection tomorrow as the colors are gorgeous.

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