Feelin’ a bit Bleu

essie nailpolish
colors from left to right: aruba blue, bikini so teeny, butler please, blue rhapsody, boxer shorts, beach bum blu

Obsessed much???!!!!

For those who know me, it’s certainly no secret that I absolutely adore the color blue–hence my blog name.  All shades from powder to navy thrill me. I love blue clothing, blue gemstones, blue accessories, and clearly blue nail polish.

Who needs this much blue, one might ask? It’s the make-up artist in me. Color in my world doesn’t just come in one shade. Various tones and saturations of the same hue make a big difference when creating a specific look. This holds true when ensembling an outfit, creating a theme in design, and in make-up artistry. Color also plays a big role in setting a mood.

By no means do I limit myself to only blue when shopping for nail polish. Although, I must admit while perusing the cosmetics aisles in Target, the latest blue shade of polish is first on my list and essie never fails to produce. Above are some of my favorites.

I do shop for other colors by the way–I picked up a a great red tonight.

Oh, and I’m happy to report that I’m back to informally studying French. I figured I’d get a little practice in while writing about my collection of BLEU polishes.

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