A Funny Thing Happened on my Way to the Forum

BCBG Orange Dress, Vintage Gucci Chain Belt, Doolittle Blue Agate Earrings, Tory Burch Wedges, Gucci 18k Yellow Gold Horsebit Bracelet, Jane Taylor 18k Gold and Gemstone Stacking Rings in Sky Blue Topaz, Orange Citrine and Green Amethyst
Vintage Suede Gucci Bag
Makeup: Too Faced Palette in Natural Eye, M.A.C. Blush in Melba, YSL Lip Stain #11. Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Flash 856

Today was another day where I felt like wearing an ultra-bright color. Not exactly sure why…maybe as we delve deeper into the jewel tones of Fall, I figured that I may as well go all out with color while I still deemed it appropriate. Plus, we spent the afternoon at a matinee of the musical Funny Girl (which I was late to–I’ll explain in a minute) so I was feeling a bit festive anyway. Since it was not a night showing, highlighter orange seemed to be acceptable. Fortunately, I do live in a tropical climate where not all fashion rules are adhered to–if there are even “rules” of fashion anymore. Either way, I do tend to dress for the current season despite the fact that it’s typically 75 degrees here in December. Yep, I’m the one wearing boots and turtlenecks. That being said, I still wear white after Labor Day. Not Winter White, White.

I love combining blue and orange so I threw on some navy wedges, a vintage blue enamel Gucci belt, blue agate slice earrings, a gold bracelet and stacking rings. I kept my eye make-up fairly neutral, using look two from the Too-Faced Natural Eye Palette, applied MAC Melba Blush on the apples of the cheeks and finished off with a bright Red lip–YSL lip Stain in #11 and completed the look with Dior Addict Gloss #856 for a bit of extra shine.

I didn’t have time to switch bags so I carried the same one as I did yesterday. Ironically, I forgot my wallet at home (I was just “browsing” on J.Crew.com last night ;)–and about a quarter of the way to the theatre I realized that my wallet was still sitting next to the computer. We had to turn around and go home to retrieve it. If hubby wouldn’t have rushed me out the door, I would have been able to switch my bag and in turn would have remembered my wallet. Lol! It all worked out perfectly anyway as I made it in time to hear the actress who played Fanny Brice in the show sing “Don’t Rain on my Parade”–one of my favorite songs which she sung beautifully! Made my day!

3 thoughts on “A Funny Thing Happened on my Way to the Forum

  1. That’s my favourite song too! Beautiful neckline on that orange dress. Makes me want to go to a matinee and get dressed up and see a show. That belt is fabulous too!

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