Think Pink

Victoria’s Secret Blouson Dress in Pink Thrill, Ray Ban Folding Sunglasses, Hermes Ulysses Notebook, J.Crew Mona Suede Pumps, Hermes Sterling Silver Kelly Dog Bracelet, Hermes Meteore Ring, Pink Agate earrings by Doolittle Jewelry, Vintage Gucci Bag
Cream Eye shadow in Blue Moon by Bobbi Brown, Fuchsia Eye shadow in Woodstock by Urban Decay

I love the color pink. Most shades, although I find some to be more flattering than others. In my quest for something bright this morning, I decided to go for a fuchsia dress. I decided this AFTER I did my eyes a vivid shade of blue. Having worked as a make-up artist for nearly 10 years, I figured I could easily tie the look together by adding a bit of pink eye shadow in the crease without looking too clownish. I paired my outfit with neutral accessories and I was ready to go. I am never without my Hermes Ulysses Notebook as I always have it on hand to jot things down. The electric blue notebook provided me with an additional pop of color that matched the eye shadow–who would have thought!

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