Equestrian Themed Accessories Part I

Hermes large Steeple Wallet. Hermes Grand Apparat Bracelets in wide and x-wide widths. Select items available at Hermes Stores and their official website Hermes.com

For me, there is nothing quite like the love of a horse. My accessories and outfits often reflect that. With equestrian style gracing the pages of various Fall fashion magazines and the ever classic look back in full-swing,  I came home from my afternoon ride and took a look at some of my treasured horsey pieces. I must admit there are a quite a few. Many are currently being offered in the retail marketplace, while some are no longer in production.

The Hermes Grand Apparat was the first enamel design produced by Hermes and has reached iconic proportions within the brand. The design house continues to produce the item seasonally in various colors (Lucky for me!) as I have become quite the collector.

Slane & Slane Epona 18k/SS Enhancer and Matching Epona 18k/SS Ring. Slane & Slane Grand Pearl 16″ Toggle Necklace.

Unfortunately, the Slane & Slane Epona Collection is out of production as it was discontinued a few years back. I was lucky enough to get the enhancer, ring , and matching earrings (below). The company, has changed its name from Slane & Slane to simply, Slane, and offers a gorgeous variety of sterling silver and 18k gold pieces that are finely constructed and classically beautiful.  Slane remains one of my favorite jewelry lines to date.

Slane & Slane Epona 18k Gold and Sterling Silver Earrings

Over the next few weeks, I will continue to post equestrian looks to include outfits and accesories.

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