Earring Obsession

Quartz Geode Slices with Rock Crystal Clip-on earrings, Doolittle Jewelry

I have never been able to maintain pierced ears due to overwhelming infections caused by allergies to the base metals that are mixed in with precious metals. Finding beautiful earrings has always been quite a challenge.  Despite this situation, I would continue to look at earrings and hope that the ones I liked had omega backs as those are easily converted to clips. On numerous occasions this worked, but my selection of earrings was still very limited.

While Browsing on Etsy one evening, I stumbled across Doolittle Jewelry and fell head over heels for the pieces. I contacted the owner, Sandra, who is a sweet as she is talented, and asked if she could modify some of the pieces that I liked into clip-on’s. Her answer was immediately, “Yes!” (I SWEAR THE WOMAN CAN DO ANYTHING) and I have since been buying her earrings on a regular basis. The items in her shop are so exquisitely beautiful, even more so in person, if you can imagine that. She even does custom orders. Check out her 600+ pieces at WWW.DOOLITTLEJEWELRY.ETSY.COM

Not only are the pieces amazing, check out the packaging!!

Lavendar Jasper and Amethyst Druzy Earrings, Doolittle Jewelry

I am absolutely loving the Doolitte Jewelry Druzy Pieces. They have unbelievable sparkle in person. Can’t wait to wear them!

4 thoughts on “Earring Obsession

  1. OMG! Just went to Etsy and her Druzy pieces are insane! I fell in love with them before I re-read your blog about those particular pieces. Her chunky Druzy necklaces are the most gorgeous things ever! Now if only I had $285 sitting around 🙂 Thanks for the new addiction!

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